With August having Back-to-School ads and promotions everywhere, I decided to give Classmates.com a try out of nostalgia and curiousity. I think it’s worth doing, though there are some kinks about the website.

Pros of Classmates.com

  1. You have your own profile you can manage and add to show you today. This is the Facebook-like aspect of Classmates.com
  2. You can tag yourself and others on every page of your old yearbooks.
  3. You can reorder a physical copy of your yearbooks.
  4. You can reconnect with classmates who claimed their profiles.
  5. Classmates.com sends you prompts to leave a memory or description of a random classmate to add to their profile. For example, was ‘Stephanie Jevtic Kind?’ See pictured below.

Cons of Classmates.com

  1. The tagging feature doesn’t always work when you click anywhere on a page in a yearbook.
  2. The look of the website is very old looking, but in its simplicity it get’s the job done.

Classmates.com Pricing As of 2020

3 Month Plan1 Year Plan2 Year Plan
$9.00 for 3 month term
$24.00 for 1 year term
$36.00 for 2 year term

Is Classmates.com Worth Your Time?

So is Classmates.com worth paying into? Maybe, but the free version doesn’t put any limitations on your ability to tag yourself and others in the pages of your yearbooks. Your memories are saved no matter what and you can easily go back to them thanks to this website directory. It’s an interesting way to show your kids how you looked and what you were like back in those old halcyon or hellraising days. If you’re curious, check out these photos of ol’ me Stephanie.


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