I don’t know if this recipe has ever existed, but I felt pretty proud of myself last night when I randomly created it. 

Since it happens to be #ThirstyThursday, it’s a perfect kind of day to bring a drink recipe to people’s eyes.   

I like coconut ?, but I don’t like coconut water. However when I saw this special set for a new rum called Rum Haven with this lovely ceramic mermaid glass, I thought I’d just deal with my distaste for coconut water because I love mermaids and I’ve always wished I had a mermaid cup of some sort. 

My husband said to give the rum a try and not be so quick to judge. But the only thing I could think of making with this coconut water rum was a riff off of the black cow drink I learned in Mexico 10 years ago. 

I wasn’t sure if this could possibly taste like a German Chocolate Cake (my ultimate favorite cake). But I went ahead and put the ingredients together 

  • ? chocolate syrup
  • coconut water rum ? 
  • lots of ice ?

And voilà the German Chocolate Cake Cocktail, on the Rocks, was born. I was relieved that this coconut water was not going to go to waste. Money well spent I would say. 

By all means try it for yourself. It’s almost Friday and I think we could all use something to tie us over these days. 


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