The priest who baptized me*, officiated both funerals of my maternal grandparents, and who would come over every year to their house for the annual St. Archangel Michael slava is retiring ?.

His retirement was announced via Facebook post yesterday on his longtime church’s Facebook page.

The celebration event for his retirement is slated for October 1, 2023.

Tribute to V. Rev. Fr. Miloš M. Vesin

His parish originally was located in East Chicago, but then moved to the southwest suburb of Lansing, IL some 20+ years ago.

I can still recall his booming voice in my ears; always thought that was the way God would sound actually. His mom was a singer, which explains why he has always had such a rich command of both the English and Serbian languages. His voice is one of those that are uniquely his, very signature and very arresting, both in an intimidating and comforting way. Like honey mixed with whiskey and espresso. He’d be where Dr. Jordan B. Peterson is today, had YouTube been around in the 1990s and churches were a little more savvy about marketing.

His chanting of scripture, accompanied by the balcony choir arrests you. Its timber, musicality, authoritative charisma, and delivery seamlessly weaves into spoken word when there’s no gospel music playing. His voice is one that makes you want to pay attention, and actually do so. A good skill for a priest or speaker to have.

He earned a doctorate in psychology a few years after I was baptized, which I don’t think many priests go after. Super intellectual but not nerdy; more James-Bond à la Sean Connery. Not only striking in appearance (tall, slim, raven hair, with a beard, with glasses ?) but in vibe too.

His brand of priest no one could find anything to poke fun at. He literally makes liturgy cool; something even a kid or teenager would stay behaved for in the church pew.

He’s always been big on world travel and being an ambassador for Orthodox Christianity and sensible living. A bit of a philosopher, frequent guest lecturer around the world and guest on many different media programs.

I don’t know what HIS or V. Rev. Fr. Miloš’ plans are for the future. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he were named the equivalent to the Pope in the Orthodox Christian Church.** Honest to God.

Clearly he is someone I’ve always revered and regarded highly. And although I stopped going to weekly church long ago, I find it no surprise that I retained my faith even by a thread at certain times in my life. And I think he has something to do with that bit of heart’s will and belief holding on. I’m grateful for him. Really shocked he’s retiring but happy for him and his loved ones.

*I was the first baby he’d ever baptized.

**That would technically be the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for you history buffs out there.

INTERVIEW with MILOŠ VESIN on Marriage, Divorce, Love and Emotions, Children and Parents, Depression and Narcissism, Religion and Viruses

See what father Miloš Vesin told Antoni Kovačević about in the Serbian Times (video of interview also available on the Serbian Times YouTube channel.

Miloš Vesin is a priest, psychologist, theologian, musicologist, professor at the Theological Seminary in Chicago (Libertyville), one of the greatest thinkers of the modern world and a man whose words and thoughts resonate among the Orthodox (and not only the Orthodox world), because the wisdom he utters knows no bounds. languages ​​and religions.

Father Miloš graduated from the Karlovac Seminary and the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade. After that, he went to Lucerne (Switzerland), where he completed studies in psychology and music studies (department of solo singing and conducting) and post-graduate studies in theology.

He later studied music and psychology in Lausanne, Paris and Cambridge. He received his doctorate in psychology in London, and is a lecturer at many church forums and universities throughout America, Canada and Europe.

In recent years, and to the great joy of many, he is often a guest on the media, where he speaks from an Orthodox and psychological point of view about the spiritual life of modern man and the problems that plague him.

Father Milos is retiring soon, in about three months he will say goodbye to the parishioners of the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Lansing (a suburb of Chicago), a church he built from the ground up with his own hands and prayers, from the time the parish moved from South Chicago to the present day, a total of 33 years. Parishes that will remain as his legacy to future generations.

We used this opportunity to talk with him about current but also timeless topics, about marriage and divorce, about patience and forgiveness, about love and emotions, about faith and viruses, about depression and narcissism, about children and parents, about freedoms and prohibitions. , about the life of the Serbian diaspora in America and the challenges it faces…

Antonije Kovačević, July 2023, Serbian Times

For more interesting news and stories from the life of the Serbian and Balkan diaspora in America and around the world, I recommend following the Serbian Times.

Illinois Senate Formally Congratulates REV. DR. MILOS VESIN

The Illinois Senate congratulated Reverend Milos M. Vesin, Ph.D., on his retirement as pastor of St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church and thanked him for 33 years of faithful service to the parish on May 26, 2023. This resolution (SR318) was filed by Senator Napoleon Harris, III (D) of the 15th District.

New Book Coming Out August 16, 2023

Other Book Worth Checking Out: “When My Baba Died”

Father Miloš Vesin, On The Phenomenon Of Progress In America

“What is this strange thing happening to people in America?”

Father Miloš Vesin

Obviously this interview with him is spoken in the Serbian language, but it’s worth translating to understand fully.

“Ono što je othranjeno na koka-koli i hamburgerima ne može biti normalno”

“What is fed on Coca-Cola and hamburgers cannot be normal.”

ARHIVSKA EMISIJA *** Prvi put objavljeno 22. maja 2021. godine.

Gost emisije „Dok anđeli spavaju“ Marine Rajević Savić je paroh južnočikaški i lensinški dr Miloš Vesin.

Povod za emisiju je predavanje oca Miloša Vesina na temu „Ima li u nama radosti“. Otac Vesin, paroh južnočikaški i lensinški, objašnjava da je tu temu izabrao iz dva razloga — jer je održano u periodu vaskršnje radosti, dok je drugi razlog upadljivo odsustvo radosti kod ljudi.

„Ljudi smatraju da je radost nešto se može posedovati s obzirom da je savremeni čovek navikao sve da poseduje ali radost je pre svega dar“, rekao je sagovornik emisije „Dok anđeli spavaju“.

Više o tome o gde je nestala radost, može li da se vrati i imali li je uopšte je pitanje na koje će gost Marine Rajević Savić odgovoriti u emisiji.

ARCHIVE SHOW *** First published on May 22, 2021.

The guest of the show “While the Angels Sleep” by Marina Rajević Savić is the parish priest of South Chicago and Lensing Dr. Miloš Vesin.

The reason for the show is Father Miloš Vesin’s lecture on the topic “Is there joy in us”. Father Vesin, the parish priest of South Chicago and Lensing, explains that he chose that theme for two reasons — because it was held during the period of Easter joy, while the second reason is the conspicuous absence of joy in people.

“People think that joy is something that can be possessed, given that modern man is used to possessing everything, but joy is first of all a gift,” said the interlocutor of the show “While Angels Sleep”.

More about where the joy disappeared, whether it can come back and whether they even had it is a question that guest Marina Rajević Savić will answer in the show.

Fr. Milos Vesin (Serbia) speaks on Cultural Heritage and Religious Tourism

From Religious Tourism – February 13, 2018

Interview with

July 27, 2023

In the fourth episode of the Kolarac podcast, Sara Milanović hosted Dr. Miloš Vesin, Archpriest-Stavrophore, with whom she discussed, among other things, the importance of tradition and the Serbian Orthodox Church, but also about the many challenges that today presents to a young man.


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