On this sunny, windy, winter day we checked out Eric “Moose” Nasebandt Park in our hometown of Tinley Park. It was our first time and absolutely did not disappoint us.

About Eric “Moose” Nasebandt Park

Acquired by the park district in 1968, the park is named in honor of Eric “Moose” Nasebandt, who was instrumental in starting youth baseball in Tinley Park, this attractive 6.65-acre park is home to:

  • two ball fields
  • a fun playground
  • a picnic shelter
  • a sand volleyball court

The shear size of the park also makes it a great spot for letting your dog run around.

Favorite parts: Our daughter loved the seesaw and I think it’s because it’s not your typical seesaw. The seats are very close together (you’re almost nose-to-nose with your partner) and underneath each seat are springs. And so the cadence of the up and down rocking is much quicker than a traditional seesaw, which takes a little more leg work to push up and down.

I’m not the best with naming equipment, but she also really liked this spider web like rope set. You’ll see in the photo above what I mean.

If you have a chance to play outside this winter you have so many parks at your disposal, and Moose Park is a great one right here in Tinley Park.

Location Address:
7899 174th Place, Tinley Park, IL 60477


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