Coincidences are so interesting to me. Take today for instance. Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, but tonight is when the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries which means that officially today is considered the beginning of spring. So what? Well tonight at 6:30pm (CST) Disney Channel is premiering a Descendants Remix Dance Party, with the character of Hades (from the Disney movie Hercules (1997) and The Descendants 3 (2019)) hosting. So what’s the connection? What’s the coincidence?

It’s the beginning of Spring, and there is a famous Greek myth that states that Hades caused the cycle of the four seasons.

The Story Of Spring And The Four Seasons In Greek Mythology

In Greek Mythology, the beginning of Spring marks when the goddess Persephone, Hades’ wife and the Queen of the Underworld comes up to be with her mother Demeter again (learn the story of Persephone’s abduction). To Greeks, Persephone is the reason for the four seasons. When she is with her husband Hades in the Underworld, it is Fall and Winter for us up above, but when she reunites with her mother, Spring and Summer return. And so the Spring Equinox is considered the moment when Mother Earth’s heart rejoices, just like Demeter’s, because now things will come back to life.

The thesis of the story of Persephone is that life is a never ending cycle of happiness and sorrow. Right now the world is going through something quite sorrowful, the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sidenote: there is no clear line distinguishing an epidemic from a pandemic. From a public health perspective, a pandemic is worse than an epidemic, but there is sufficient overlap between the two that at certain points consensus is unlikely.

Could We Be On The Precipice To The Road To World Peace?

Like I mentioned in the first entry in this Coronavirus Chronicles series, spiritualists, shamans, etc. are saying that what we’re going through this is a cosmic blackout. We have the Spring Equinox and the alighnment of the planets, which has opened a vortex of energy that can change things and bring many important opportunities.

“Many of you might get married, or give birth to a child or a very interesting idea. At the same time, magic seems to be by your side as long-term goals feel easier to accomplish. Opportunities appear out of nowhere but be careful. Proceed with caution because you still also have some challenging aspects. Use this good luck wisely.”

Essentially this “blackout” is a reset to remind us to be kinder to eachother and to fix aspects of human civilization, which in theory would mean nature and the lives of other living things would improve. This mirrors how Persephone’s mood improves. So if this theory of the blackout is true, then it sounds to me like that world peace might be achieved and things like climate change will be solved, if we fix the broken things and change for the better.

We are all intricately woven together, and certainly we have lost sight of that. So let’s hope that we see the best of humanity rise up in these difficult times. We’ve never been so inextricably bound together.

And if things couldn’t get any darker, the Governor of my state, Pritzker, just issued a “stay at home” order for the entire state of Illinois starting tomorrow, Saturday March 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. through end of day April 7. March 21st is my daughter’s 2nd birthday! Yeah, the timing of everything is wild, so you see how I felt the need to write this. It’s just too uncanny for my family’s life right now. If there is a God, there are definitely a lot of signs popping up that would indicate this is a historic time when many things about life will change.

Summary And Takeaway

Bringing it back to the beginning of this post, I couldn’t help but notice the coincidental timing of this television special airing tonight given where we are today and the anniversary that is associated with its host, Hades.

And since we’re all cooped up, and you were dreading having to watch your child’s favorite movie for the bazillionth time, why not mix it up and watch The Descendants Remix Party hosted by none other than Hades (embodied by Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson). It’s as good a time as ever to get up and dance, to make sure we’re staying happy while we ride through this apparent vortex.

Here’s the Hulu link if you’d like to watch it anytime online.

By the way, Zaza will be dancing at the party as a special guest!

Take care,

Stephanie Pyrzynski

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