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What is going on with spring? Has hell truly frozen over? Let’s hope not.

Do you know that game roses and thorns? You play it at the dinner table usually. Everyone at dinner says one good thing (rose) that happened and one bad thing (thorn) that happened that day. For the U.S.A. anyway, the rose is that social-distancing restrictions are now being allowed to be eased slowly as of today. The biggest thorn, besides the deaths due to Coronavirus, is that people are financially insecure in a way that is being called worse than The Great Depression. The astonishing number of jobs shed in the last month, estimated by some analysts to be pushing April unemployment north of 15 percent — a situation that would be worse than the Great Depression — means the economic struggles across the country have raced ahead of Congress (The New York Times). Close to 20,000,000 workers are now unemployed without a way to make ends meet. 600,000 people are fighting to recover from the virus. And multitudes of essential workers are risking their lives without proper protection to take care of us.

My mom always gives me the 411 on how the numbers are every morning on one of our mommy-and-me Facetimes. It seems like the cases of Coronavirus are slowly going down, and that makes me wonder if things will work out. Like the artwork below from illustrator Charlie Mackesy says, “we are doing better than we think.” I don’t think that’s true for everyone, but it’s comforting to read because it reminds me to focus on what is stable and secure in my family’s life. That has been a strategy that has taken me many years to adopt. You’ve probably heard it many times too, focus on the positive, focus on what you have, focus on what you can control, etc. It all means the same thing, and like meditation it is not easy to do. Meditation takes time to master, but once you unlock it, it brings such comfort that it becomes compulsory when things feel out of control or negative.

The Cool In You

If you were a Family Matters viewer then you’ll know this 1993 classic from Babyface.

It is said that cool heads prevail, and as a parent it’s what you strive for because your children and everyone in your life is affected by you, as are you by them. But it’s not easy remaining calm, being the cool-headed, centered one when there’s a pandemic going on and so much uncertainty. But one thing that helps me is trying to remember that no one knows, and no one controls. Life is the result of multiple, constantly shifting contingencies and synergies. Life is complex, it has no certainty, but we can create certainty with vigilance. We are imperfect, but having routine and consistency when we can brings a feeling of comfort and safety. And when we feel comfort and safe we tend to feel more able to feel less anxious, more cool.

“How do we find direction in a constantly shifting world? We need an anchor, but an obsessive need to control everything only leads to our destruction. It’s better if we accept that we can’t control any of the things that matter. “If you can’t survive in this world, you had better make a world of your own.””

Jeanette Winterson (Lighthousekeeping)
Use a ‘Wheel of Emotions’ to help identify what you’re feeling to get more control over what you need to feel better.
Eileah doing chalk art on our driveway back on April 11, 2020. I was trying to make #TPStrong happen on social media.
My daughter’s chocolate milk brand of choice: Horizon Organic

Parenting Pro tip: If your child is going through a chocolate milk addiction phase, to lessen the effects of hyperactivity and to save money (chocolate milk is more expensive than regular milk), instead of pouring 100% chocolate milk in your child’s bottle or cup, put around 75% regular milk and then mix chocolate milk in to fill it up. My daughter hasn’t noticed this little trick thankfully.

A Time Of Pandemonium And Resurrection

Today is actually my parents’ Easter. I was raised Christian Orthodox and it’s sad we haven’t been able to get together for all these holidays and birthdays. No one has. But, regardless of religious faith, keeping hope alive will get us through the COVID-19 quarantine.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”

— Nelson Mandela
In case you’re curious how Christian Orthodox Easter church service goes, watch this new video of the priest who baptized me, Father Miloš, Ph.D. He is one of the G.O.A.T. in the Serbian Orthodox community internationally by the way.

For now Illinois’ stay-at-home mandate is until April 30, but the Tinley Park Library isn’t set to open till June 1 I’ve heard from a reliable source. Tomorrow is Monday, so I’m curious to see if there will be an update from our Govenor Pritzker as to whether Illinois will be sticking to the April 30 date or if the legnth of the stay-at-home mandate is extended. Can you imagine if this quarantine stays in place through the summer? Well if hope doesn’t work, distracting yourself with humour is steel proof.

Jim Gaffigan’s perfect illustration of parent quarantine life. For some reason it makes me recall Jean-Paul Sartre’s novel Les Mouches (translation: The Flies) from 1943.

Uncertainty is an inaleienable dimension of human existence. But I think we will look back at this phase as “The Quantum Reset.” Far more of life is realigning than we will ever comprehend. Like that Frozen 2 song Into The Unknown we are literally going into the unknown. And that’s really been the only option all along even if the supposed choice to remain still and stagnant has been regarded as the certain way to survive.

Here’s the awesome thing about women though, it’s kind of gross but think about it, our womb is designed to self destruct and renew it’s environment every month. As the world crumbles, shifts, and shakes, we can stand strong, knowing how to regenerate. Coronavirus hits, we go into recession, and now we need to reinvent our lifestyles? Our way of earning income? The way we show up in the world? We got this ladies. But you know what, it’s a time for men and women to begin again. We’ve seen it throughout history time and time again, out of times of scarcity came great things. It’s not going to be easy, but what’s the alternative to not trying at all? Let’s not go there.

Until next time. Stay safe and cool out there moms.

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Small businesses are a vital part of the economy. Here are links to a directory of local Tinley Park businesses that are still open during this time:

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