I didn’t know this before writing this blog post, but there is some concern about the safety of concert going while pregnant out there.

Totally Safe Going To A Concert While Pregnant

In doing a quick Google search about going to a concert while pregnant, I found according to babymd and other online sources that it is safe to go to a concert while pregnant. Extending periods of time exposed to super loud sound though is not recommended. That’s a relief right?

Back in May when I bought the tickets to Katy Perry’s WITNESS: The Tour, I had no idea or plans to become pregnant in the months leading up to the concert. That’s not to say that pregnancy would’ve changed my mind about buying concert tickets. It’s not that I don’t care about the well-being of my growing baby, but I would not assume a concert to be damaging given the layers between the baby and the outside world unless told otherwise.

So going to the concert was totally safe for me, but unfortunately half way through, while Katy Perry was singing I Kissed A Girl, terrible cramps hit me. The cramps could’ve been the result of gas from digesting dinner, ligament pain or something else, but nevertheless drinking water helped me get through to the end of the concert. I still had slight cramping effecting my entire front lower abdomen, but by the time I got to bed they passed.

Tip: If you’ve got a concert coming up or are thinking of going to a concert, and are pregnant, Ticketmaster lists some great survival tips for pregnant women going to concerts. Staying hydrated is one of them.

Katy Perry Witness Tour United Center Chicago Panorama Smartphone Lights
During the concert Katy Perry asks fans to turn the flashlight feature on their smartphones on to create a night sky effect. Photo taken by me.

Was The Experience Worth It?

I think what made the Katy Perry concert worth it for me was sharing the experience with my Katy Perry fan mother-in-law and baby. My baby won’t obviously have any recollection of the evening, but being pregnant made it extra special.

Random thought: I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if my baby were born on the 25th of March? My due date is March 18th, but babies come when they are ready in the end. Given that Katy Perry was born on a 25th and the concert was on her birthday, it would be a pretty cool coincidence.

Also, being the city host to her birthday and having her family (and most importantly her puppy Nugget) surprise on stage several times made it an extra special experience. Katy Perry was genuinely moved to tears several times, and said she was “overwhelmed with the love” as she closed the show. Not only did she have the love of her family there with her, she had the love of so many fans in the form of big signs, full-on cake outfits (yes, there was a lady dressed in a cake costume) positive chanting. That kind of massive demonstration of love has got to be affecting. No other city is going to have this exact show, only Chicago, only us.

What Made Me Choose Katy Perry Of All Concerts

The original reason I bought tickets to the concert in the first place was for my mother-in-law. She’s the huge Katy Perry fan, I’m the huge Britney Spears fan. I thought it would be a nice early Christmas present of sorts and a nice opportunity to share an experience together. Also, it was a way to show my appreciation for her because I don’t always know if she knows just how lucky I know I am to have a mother-in-law like her. She’s no Marie Barone, or a mother-in-law from hell, and that’s not something to take for granted.

Katy Perry's WITNESS: The Tour at Chicago's United Center October 2017
I think I witnessed a true performer. ??The Witness Tour concert started an hour later than scheduled, but it was really special to see Katy Perry’s family with her on stage, incorporated into the show. I captured so many great moments on video, but this collage captures the essence of the concert.

The Only Disappointment

Yes the people in front of us were obnoxious with their phones blocking our view quite a few times, but the only real disappointment about the concert was that it started 48 minutes late. Sufficit to say, people were not happy. I was checking Twitter using the official #WITNESStheTour hashtag to find out if anyone knew what was going on. Many parents were really mad, one even asking the United Center’s Twitter for a refund because their young daughter had school the next day. I overheard one man ask the technical booth if they knew what the reason for the delay and they said they had no idea. No announcement was made whatsoever, 80s classics just kept playing for 48 minutes. It does seem rude of a performer not to make an announcement, even if it was her birthday, she has an obligation to be professional and be considerate of the fact that some people might have made arrangements for transportation and might be negatively effected by such a delay.

A cancellation would’ve been disappointing, but Katy Perry exceeded all expectations. She took no breaks, save for wardrobe changes, and brought such energy to each song, that I think the lateness of the start time was forgiven by all by the end of the night.

Check out the Tinley Park Mom Instagram for more photos from the concert.












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