Chicago is getting curious about the Village of Tinley Park Illinois Government. Award-winning podcast City Cast Chicago asked me to show them around to share with listeners who want to explore beyond the city limits. Check out my guide here: Guide To Tinley Park – City Cast Chicago.

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It was very difficult having to choose only a few places and sights, but this certainly isn’t our village’s last time in the spotlight. Here are the 12 places you can expect to learn about:


Frankie’s Est. 1988

Pekoe & Bean

Tandoori House Restaurant

Plush Horse – Tinley Park


Zabrocki Plaza (Tinley Park Life Amplified)

Tinley Park Public Library

The Vogt House at Banging Gavel.


Tinley Park Roller Rink

White Water Canyon Water Park

Forest View Farms

Volunteer Park (Tinley Park – Park District)

Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre

I’ve been a subscriber of City Cast Chicago’s since their launch in 2021. So I’m very proud that they reached out to me and especially for spotlighting our town here in the Chicago Southland suburbs. This kind of attention helps the local economy and opens up opportunities to people visiting neighboring villages here too.

Each of us can be an ambassador, and as long as we all continue to show support for our local businesses, organizations, and people who do good—there will always be a spotlight for people to take notice.


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Use the hashtag #tinleyparkmoms to be featured and heard.

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