Did you know that the Chicago Southland has hundreds of miles of trails to explore? That’s a lot, but thankfully back in 2020 the Chicago Southland Convention and Visitors Bureau developed an app that is everything you’d want in a guide to the hiking, biking and walking trails of our area. To me it’s a dream app that I would’ve loved back when I got into biking long distance in my high school days.

It even includes information on area amenities and accommodations, with itinerary recommendations for other things to do, like day-trips, restaurants, museums, etc. And best of all, it’s free to download.

A Lifesaver For Parents and Kids

Now’s the time to be an ecotourist. I’m the northwest suburbs, so as someone unfamiliar with this area, I’m so happy to find so much variety down here. So many ecotourism opportunities for the whole family!

I mention the app now since all of our winter plans have changed unfortunately, due to the spike in COVID-19 cases and the new omicron strain. It doesn’t help that we’re experiencing an unusually consecutive days of bitter winter conditions—cabin fever is real! Althought our activities outside the home are limited again, similar to when the pandemic began—when it get’s a little warmer to go outside, Mother Nature has so much to offer, and we need as many activities as we can come up with when it does.

Take a walk in a winter wonderland, bring the kids out to enjoy a snow play day—there are over 40,000 acres of forestry to explore! And with countless miles of trails, there’s no way our kids aren’t going to learn about narture and the ecosystem in some way with this app at hand.

Biking and Hiking Trails Map Guide At A Glance

For your convenience, I’ve embedded the Chicago Southland app just below this line so you can take a quick glance and see how easy it is to navigate. You can also go to VisitChicagoSouthland.com/TrailsandItineraries to access all the information I just mentioned too.

Original Press Release from August 7, 2020

By Katie Arvia

Lansing, Ill. – The Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched the brand-new Chicago Southland Trails App. This app is a comprehensive guide to the walking, hiking and biking trails throughout the Chicago Southland region.

App users will be able to utilize an interactive map, featuring the area’s trails. Each trail is color-coded to distinguish their main function (for example, mountain biking-specific trails are designated in green). When clicking on a specific trail, users will see the name of the trail, the surface, the length and, if applicable, the trail’s level of difficulty. Additionally, the Chicago Southland Trails App also features trailhead and parking information.

This app is the first of its kind for the Chicago Southland area. Not only does it encompass all area trails, it also extends beyond the Chicago Southland’s 62 municipalities to ensure complete listings for users. The app has been integrated into the existing Visit Chicago Southland app, allowing easy access on the go. Users will be able to view hotels, restaurants, events and other amenities in addition to the trail information. The app will continue to be updated monthly to reflect any new trails that open in the Chicago Southland.

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Chicago Southland Trails App. After months of compiling information and working with 62 municipalities and several regional organizations, the app is complete. We are confident that both residents and visitors will find the trails app to be a helpful asset that they can easily utilize during their time here in the Chicago Southland,” said Jim Garrett, President/CEO of the Chicago Southland CVB.

The Chicago Southland Trails App can be accessed online at VisitChicagoSouthland.com/TrailsandItineraries and can also be utilized on the Visit Chicago Southland app, available for download in the Google Play or App Store for free.

The Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official destination management and marketing organization for Chicago’s 62 south and southwest suburbs. The CVB markets the Chicago Southland region as a meetings and conventions, group tours, sports and leisure event destination. For more information, go to VisitChicagoSouthland.com.

Original Source Link: https://www.visitchicagosouthland.com/Blog/New-Trails-App-Available

I don’t know if the northern or western Chicago suburbs have something like this app, but they should. The app is literally an encyclopedia of everything a person or tourist wishes they had at their fingertips. It’s always good to ask for directions, but the app really takes care of you so you don’t have to do that as much if at all. It’s a time saver for sure! And this app just goes to show how whatever you’re into, the Chicago Southland has just as much as the more popular and known Chicago and northern Chicago suburbs.


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