Got in a nice workout at Centennial Park in Tinley Park today. Kicking myself that we hadn’t visited Centennial Park until today. Had so much fun that our daughter to a nap, which is rare.

The outdoor fitness zone is so cool; the air walker machine was my favorite. My daughter had fun with the fitness zone too. Talk about a fresh way to get gym time in without going to a gym.

The playground my daughter loved; the slides especially. The playground was perfect for an almost 3 year old. Being winter I was a little worried about slips, espcially if there was a rock mountain climb and whatnot. But at Centennial there’s a nice balance between challenge and safety with the playground set.

Fun fact: Centennial is the largest park of the Tinley Park parks, sitting at 55 acres.

Acquired in 1979, Centennial Park has:

  • a scenic walking path (that I’m told is used for school track meets).
  • a 12 acre lake with fishing piers
  • picnic shelters and picnic area
  • a footbridge
  • basketball court
  • sand volleyball court
  • skate park called Extreme Skate Park
  • a fire station right behind it on Parliament Avenue and 167th street.

Suffice it to say Centennial is yet another impressive park we’ve discovered. So multifaceted. For parking, use the parking lot right next to Tinley Park Firestatino #2 (7825 167th St, Tinley Park, IL 60477) off of 167th on Parliament Avenue.


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