Exploring Why We Get Tired in the Summer

Having grown up in Northeast Illinois and Northwest Indiana, I can safely say that I’m familiar with the weather mood swings we encounter off Lake Michigan. I’d love to pull up some stats to back the statement that our weather is bipolar, but I want to make this a quick post, not a dissertation. The thesis, if I had to write one for this blog post would be that, rapid weather changes in the summer plays havic on how we strangely contract tiredness in the summmer. This is a tiredness that is unusual and one that I suspect comes from barometric pressure changes and other weather related elements. But…I could be wrong. So let me explore this with you, chime in in the comments section if you know of other causes. Here’s what I Googled up:

What Research Says About Feeling Tired in the Summer

  • Body Temperature
  • Poor Diet, and Overeating OR Undereating
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Electrolyte Deficiency
  • Inadequate Water Intake
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Weather, and Air Pressure Changes, etc.
  • Shorter Days – changes to biochemistry
  • Allergies
  • Germs

What Moms Can Do to Control Tiredness in the Summer

  • Stay Cool
  • 30-Minute Workout Each Day
  • 15 Minutes in the Sun (with sunscreen)
  • Take a Multi-vitamin
  • Manage Your Food Intake
  • Drink More Water

Alright so it’s not all the weather’s fault, although we can’t discount the impact the weather can play on our lives. Luckily June is coming to a close and that means July and August heat is almost here. Those are the two main months when Chicago at least gets summer to finally show up. I suspect that the going between cold and hot, stormy and clear is mother nature’s trying to calibrate and punish us for industrializing her beautiful lakefront. Anway, that’s enough philosophizing. I’m going to try to do the positive methods for combating summer tiredness, but if you have other ideas please share in the comments below.


Huffington Post – Sleeping With the Seasons: See How Weather Influences Your Sleep




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