Oktoberfest in Tinley Park

What The Tinley Park Oktoberfest Is LikeTinley Park Mom Stephanie with daughter Eileah Pyrzynski

2018 was the Village of Tinley Park’s second annual Oktoberfest. The three-day event includes authentic German food, from Chef Klaus and others, a ceremonial keg tapping, Oktoberfest beers by Tinley Park and local brewers like 350 Brewing Co., Banging Gavel Brews, and Hailstrom Brewing Co., including Oak Lawn’s Juicy Luzy Sangrias for moms! And of course, for the kids the carnival by Windy City Amusements.

Run by the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce, the Tinley Park Oktoberfest aims to have something for everyone, and music and dance play a big part in the annual event.

Traditional oom-pah and polka musicians entertained festival-goers, and Bavarian and German figure dancing was on display.

Great For Families And Single-Parent Households

This was my first year at the Oktoberfest and my husband and I’s business Geoffresh Inc. was one of the sponsors of the biergarten and entertainment. Don’t go thinking we were treated like rockstars or anything. Here’s my takes on everything:


There are certain days where there are more food vendors than others. We went Saturday the 22nd, and all we saw was Chef Klaus, which offered this platter that was just ok. What I really loved was the funnel cake at the carnival, I’d go back for that over and over again.

Tinley Park Oktoberfest Chef Klaus Booth

Tinley Park Oktoberfest PlateFunnel Cake Booth at Tinley Park Oktoberfest Carnival


I’m not much of a beer drinker. So for you ladies out there know that you have options when you go for libations. So happy that Juicy Luzy’s Sangrias was there. I got their red sangria was delicious. There are of course non-alcoholic options like water and sodas, but for the adults it’s nice to have something other than beer to have available.


Tinley Park Oktoberfest StageThe tuba players, accordionists, and the bands that went up on stage were nice. Nothing groundbreaking, just what you need for a fun all about who you’re with kind of fest.

Is the VIP Tent Worth It?

The VIP tent is a must for a bad-weather weekend, but it really doesn’t get you anything very VIP-like except the ability to have more space from other tables in a separate space close to the stage, and you feel a little more secure on top of the security that’s already in place at the fest.

What Else Is There?

There are other vendors besides the alcohol and food such as a psychic, clothing vendors, personal care vendors, jewelry vendors, etc. The amusement carnival next door is what I wish we could’ve done, but with a baby in-toe, you have to wait until they’re older. The day I get on a thrill ride will have to wait, but oh it’s going to be a blast with a new co-rider like my daughter. She is a wild child after all, my spunky sunshine baby.

My Standout Memories

For me the weather stood out most, clear blue skies, bright yellow sun, and not hot at all. Also I loved seeing the sparkle in my baby’s eyes as she marveled at her first carnival and festival. Her paternal grandpa came along to help Geoff and I get around. My mother-in-law isn’t a beer drinker or a big fan of bratwurst so she thought like I did that there was nothing there for her. Next year I think she’ll come after what we learned from this year’s festival. There’s a great energy running through the crowd, it actually reminded me of one of those cool festivals you hear about like Glastonbury out in England. A sea of people under a beautiful sky, music, drinks, and fun encapsulating this snow-globe picture.
Tinley Park 80th Avenue Station Tinley Park Oktoberfest

Collage of Pyrzynski Time At Tinley Park Oktoberfest
A little collage of our time at the 2018 Tinley Park Oktoberfest. Look at Eileah! She’s in the arms of current President of the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Maureen Cipolla.

Tinley Park Oktoberfest 2018: The Basics

For next year, here’s what to expect:
When: Second to last weekend in September

  • 5 to 10 p.m. on Friday
  • 1 to 10 p.m. on Saturday
  • 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday

Where: Northside of 80th Avenue Metra Station, 18001 S. 80th Ave.

Cost: Admission Free

  • Drinks, Food and VIP Tent Access Not Free

Parking: The Metra station lot on the South side of the tracks, near Library.Layout of Tinley Park Oktoberfest

For more information, visit the official Tinley Park Oktoberfest website.

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The Tinley Park Farmer’s Market

What To Expect At The Tinley Park Farmer’s Market

What do you think of this— I’ve lived in Tinley Park for over four years and today was my first time at the Farmer’s Market?

I can’t remember a better summer in terms of consistently warm and sunny days, but today we had a duddy gray and drizzly day when we decided on the spur of the moment to go to the Tinley Park Farmer’s Market. We needed to pick up our t-shirts and participant packer for tomorrow’s annual Tinley Park ‘Get Your Rear In Gear’ 5k Run/Walk by the Colon Cancer Coalition. Naturally we thought it was an opportune time to catch the Farmer’s Market too.

4 Month Old Baby Eileah at Tinley Park Farmers Market

Despite the weather we ventured out with our baby girl Eileah and newly turned three year old dog Samantha.

The Tinley Park Farmer’s Market is on the smaller side in terms of the number of vendors present, but it is really nice. Downtown Tinley has that quaint small town thing that is just so appealing. With the Oak Park Avenue train station tower as a backdrop, you feel transported back in time. I feel that way when I’m in Downtown Tinley anyway.

There are your local farmers selling blueberries, radishes, and corn, but there are also vendors like Jenny’s K9 Cookie Factory and Gracie Pie Apothecary, small businesses who make handmade goods and products you can’t find in stores. Did I mention that you can find bakers, tamale makers, crêpe makers, and florists too?

I could go on, but what I want you to know is not to write off the Tinley Park Farmer’s Market. Frankfort’s Farmer’s Market is so popular down here in the Chicago Southwest suburbs, but don’t forget to explore other Farmer’s Markets too. You could be missing out on a diamond in the rough.


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