Baby Shower Advice Cards for new mom Stephanie.

As I head into my 6th Mother’s Day Weekend as a girl mom (my 8th as a dog mom) and we get packing for our move to our forever home, I found these advice cards I saved from our baby shower. You’ll notice a few pieces of the same advice appear, but as I learned in re-reading and transcribing the following handwritten notes, you can never be too experienced when it comes to motherhood. Reviewing what you’ve already learned reminds you of what you’re capable of. Enjoy!

Advice Cards from my husband and I’s January 27, 2018 baby shower:


I have raised (and survived) 7 children. The most important advice I can give you is to love that child beyond all reason! Each child is a gift to her parents from God, the Creator. They will only be in our care for a short time and we don’t know exactly how long that will be. They are lent to us, entrusted to our care. Remember to thank God everyday for this special gift.


“Don’t forget to soak in a tub with a great book and a glass of wine every once in a while…”


“Taking time for yourself and your lovely husband …you have the best babysitters.”

Your Parents

Rest when baby is sleeping! And don’t be too hard on yourself!


“Get rest when you can. Even if you think you’re ok, at least put your feet up.”


“Love that bundle of joy with all your heart. And just remember that they only crey when they need something.”


“You’re going to screw up. That’s a given! That’s a part of parenthood. The most important thing is to love your daughter with all your heart. The rest will come with practice!

Remember—your child needs to cry. That’s a given.

*Don’t be afraid to call your Pediatrician for advice. They definitely have words of wisdom.

And when all else fails…Call Mom!”

Love, Kathy

“Enjoy cuddle-time with your new one! It seems like those times fo by so swiftly!”



Enjoy the moment even if it’s not too pleasant….they grow so fast.”

  • Sleep when they sleep.
  • Take care of yourself!
  • Remember‚ the days last forever but the years fly by!!
  • Enjoy every minute!

“Enjoy every minute with her because she will grow up so fast into a beautiful young lady!



“Always remember that you know your baby better than anyone else. Listen to your own heart about what she needs.”


“To my Darling Daughter,

Enjoy every precious moment with your little girl. ONLY ADVISE: choose to be happy.”



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