2021’s Best Halloween Decorated Houses in the South Suburbs! Cool homes to drive by this Halloween season in the Chicago South Suburbs and some in the Chicago Western Suburbs.

Let me know if there are any other good ones that should be included.

This list was comiled by a local Tinley Park plumber named Kevin Szabo Jr.
Chicagoland Home Haunts List of Free Home Yard Haunts

The Definitive List

Found this “The List of Free Home & Yard Haunts” in Chicagoland circulating on Facebook. It’s updated every year by a website called Dark Shadows Home Haunts.

Tinley Park’s 2021 Halloween House Decorating Map

Check out the new 2021 Halloween House Decorating Map to see some of the most bone-chilling homes in Tinley Park!

  • 9031 Walnut Lane
  • 16661 Cherry Hill Avenue
  • 9130 175th Street
  • 17500 Oak Park Ave 
  • 17310 71st Avenue
  • 16422 Ridgeland Avenue
  • 17374 69th Avenue
  • 6601 Pine Lake Drive
  • 7435 Ridgefield Lane
GIS Consortium Map of the Village of Tinley Park as of June 2018


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