About Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park is a sweet little playground located in Monee. I have to thank Apple Maps on this one. If you do a Google search of Sunrise Park in Monee, Illinois nothing will turn up. It was a happy accident that we stumbled upon Sunrise Park when we were in the car and I asked Siri to show nearby playgrounds.

Click on any of the photos below to get a good look at the park if you’re considering going.

Favorite parts: Though not a new park, it’s a lot of fun for a toddler for sure. Our daughter could’ve spent hours at Sunrise Park. I think the ground had something to do with it. This was the first park we’ve encountered with stones or little pebbles for ground instead of woodchips or that recycled rubbery stuff. Our daughter loved playing with the pebbles and putting handfuls on the slides and this really cool loop climber (it’s the large climbing equipment set that’s red and yellow that sort of looks like a twisted pretzel).

There are plenty of picnic benches to choose from, and I must tell you that it was a pleasure watching my daughter from one of them, having a ball. Just goes to show that you don’t need a huge park to have fun. It also makes it easier on parents because you don’t have to worry about your child getting too far; everything is right there in a nice compact package. I also highly recommend Sunrise Park for a short day trip too (Monee is about 25 minutes to a half hour south of Tinley Park). I noticed a sign for a new restaurant that will be opening very soon called Nad Tatrami, which will serve Polish fare.

Parking is street parking.

Location Address:
5330 W Orchard Trail, Monee, IL 60449


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