23 and Me Health and Ancestry Review

Is 23 and Me worth doing?

For Christmas 2018 my husband bought me the 23 and Me Health & Ancestry kit. All my life I knew I was Serbian, but now I would be able to find any suprises about my heritage as well as what diseases I might be predisposed to getting later in life.

The process was pretty easy. You spit quite a bit into this tube, apply some label stickers they give you so when they receive the tube they don’t make a mistake with your sample. Then in about two weeks you get your results. If you download the App on your smartphone you can access your results anytime, anywhere.

The above image is a screenshot of my ancestry overview report. I was quite suprised actually when it said I was highly likely to be from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbian I was only a possible match for. My mom is part Bosnia, so I guess her genes beat my dad’s, or maybe they both have some Bosnian in them. The part about me being Greek was awesome to find out. Now my husband calls me his Greek Goddess.

If you’d like to share your results online, 23 and Me let’s you create a custom card in a chosen color palette for sharing on your social media profiles or in a smartphone message. The above is mine.

For the Health portion of the DNA test I found out that I have some risk of getting Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Celiac Disease and Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. Otherwise I’m pretty healthy. And you know what else the health report tells you, it can predict if you have dimples, flat feet, your haircolor, all sorts of things about you. The only one they got wrong was dimples; the report said I most likely don’t have dimples when in fact I do. Oh well, nothings perfect. Afterall, 23 and Me clearly indicates that it is no diagnosing and what they are reporting on has a chance of being inaccurate.

In terms of being worth it, I think it’s a novelty. There is some disappointment that it might not be 100% accurate, but it’s still interesting to do. I say give it a try, it’s a great gift idea for any occassion and I’m sure the person receiving it won’t dislike it.


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