What Does It Mean To Be ‘A Mona Lisa’?

In the age that Andy Warhol foresaw, where we all can “be world-famous for 15 minutes,” the most  famous work of art is becoming a meme for our time.

Google or Pinterest-search Mona Lisa or her name in other languages (i.e. La Gioconda, etc.) and the search results demonstrate how deep and far she runs through every culture’s conscious.

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The New Gutenberg Editor For WordPress

The New Gutenberg Editor For WordPress

Getting the hang of Gutenberg is not easy. One thing I just figured out is, after entering in your title, press enter and you don’t have those akward spaces after the title which can happen if you add a block unknowingly. 

This new block editing mode has its virtues, but I miss the old editor, and it’s going to take some getting used to.

Wait, now I figured out how to delete these blocks that I unwittingly added to this article. In the upper right of the screen, to the right of the gear and yoast symbol are three vertical dots. I clicked that and deselected the view mode “Spotlight.” With that done I was able to delete all the blocks (that are invisibly here). Phew! Relief. 

Now how do I get the old editor back? I did it the first time I wrote an article with the new Gutenberg upgrade. If I could just remember the steps I took…ugh! 

I did it! I hovered over the left of where a new block or paragraph might go, and I clicked that plus button that appeared. I scrolled down the Most Used options and found something called Classic and BINGO! I got the old editor to make things easier for me. Maybe this new editor isn’t as hard to use as I thought. All it’ll take is some taking chances, clicking around, and see what does what without fear of breaking your blog. Alrighty, I feel better about this now.

I hope this stream of consciousness post entertains you readers out there. Moms, I’m sure you can relate. With anything new it’s an uphill battle at first for anyone. Even expert coders and digital professionals have to teach themselves this new editor with some difficulty. I’m making it work for me, definitely don’t shy away from it. Gutenberg himself would be disappointed if you did.

To learn more about the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress, visit the official Gutenberg WordPress page.

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Star Trek With The Baby

Family Tradition With A New Baby – Star Trek

Every year starting on the first of December, our family watches the Star Trek movies in order. It was an honor that our baby wanted to watch it with us this year. She would stay quiet through most of the movies and stayed up for most of them as well. 

Fun fact - our baby’s name Eileah (pronounced eye-lee-uh) was inspired by one of the characters from Star Trek I: The Motion Picture, Ilia (pronounced eye-lee-uh). When this scene in came on in the video below, I was very happy to see that our baby was watching and intrigued by the movie. 
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Night #1 of our family’s 13 nights of #StarTrek movies in December. A tradition started by my husband. It’s our daughter’s first time watching, and she hears where her name came from. 😊 People ask me all the time how I spell my daughter’s name and I tell them E-i-l-e-a-h. In the movie credits the lead female character (played by #PersisKhambatta)’s name is spelled I-l-i-a, which is the plural name for a pelvic bone in medicine and the way a beauty line spells it. To save her from mispronunciations and to not be associated with anything embarrassing or already taken, I figured out how the spelling that a computer would pronounce the name as phonetically as possible. I ran polls on all the pregnancy apps I was using during the pregnancy for opinions too. Lo and behold we arrived at Eileah and it’s lovely and unique. It’s fun now to hear it in the first Star Trek movie (1979) and be reminded of how we chose her name. It goes to show how you never know where inspiration will come from. . . . . #Ilia #StarTreki #StarTrekTheMovie #RobertWise #baby #puppy #babynaming @startrek @paramountpics #startrekthemotionpicture #Eileah

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Our Family’s Star Trek Marathon Schedule

Here is our schedule of movies (for 2018):

December 1 = Star Trek I: The Motion Picture

December 2 = Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Kahn

December 3 = Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

December 4 = Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

December 5 = Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

December 6 = Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 

December 7 = Star Trek VII: Generations

December 8 = Star Trek VIII: First Contact

December 9 = Star Trek IX: Insurrection

December 10 = Star Trek X: Nemesis

December 11 = Star Trek XI

December 12 = Star Trek XII: Into Darkness

December 13 = Star Trek XIII: Beyond

Every year, we also rank the movies on which we enjoyed the most. I was surprised that our baby watched Star Trek III: The Search For Spock all the way through. Star Trek IV: The voyage home she fell asleep a little bit, but then wanted to get right back up and watch the end. 

For me, the list changes every year. This time, I would rank the movies as follows:

  1. Star Trek I: The Motion Picture – Because of my daughter’s name
  2. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock – Watched iwth friends
  3. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home – Watched with Friends
  4. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier – Because what does god need with a starship? And Row row row row row row your boat
  5. Star Trek IX: Insurrection – the fun family like feel between the characters
  6. Star Trek X: Nemesis – the action
  7. Star Trek VIII: First Contact – the action again
  8. Star Trek VII: Generations – the Christmas scene
  9. Star Trek XIII: Beyond – Feeling like Star Trek again
  10. Star Trek XII: Into Darkness – One of my favorite opening scenes
  11. Star Trek XI – A cool reboot!

I look forward to next year when we watch the movies together again. With each passing year it’s going to be fun to see how our daughter engages with the movies. It really does feel like we are going on a Trek! 

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